Mastermind Connect

A Men’s Collective Helping You Connect With Your Passions, Higher Self and Community.


About Us

Does every day go by without doing what really excites you?

Do you feel derailed by the turmoil around you?

Do you feel burned out or overwhelmed?

Do you not feel OK with being you?

Are you bored?

If you feel disconnected—from your purpose, your kids, yourself, other people—everything…

You are not alone!

One of the greatest challenges we face as men today is balancing career with marriage, kids, health, finances, friends, life and beyond.

Mastermind connect is the one place men are free from societal expectations. It is a community of men who are ALL striving to fully embrace the essence of becoming the best versions of themselves.

We help you connect more deeply to your loved ones, your passions, and yourself.

We Encourage Simple Practices That Will Help You...

Get clarity on exactly who you are, what you want, and what the next step is.

Build real and meaningful relationships.

Wake up every day to a life of purpose, accountability and connection.


Charlie Vargas, Attorney, Mastermind


If you want to:

Level up in your relationships, health and business

Rule your life.

Navigate through rough paths.

Find your purpose.

This is the time for coming together in brotherhood.

It’s time you allowed yourself to be helped, and more importantly, challenged on accountability.

Become the Best Version of Yourself.

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